Throughout my many years in math education as a tutor, TA, and teacher, one thing that stood out to me was that my students consistently had strong feelings about math. I wondered if this phenomenon extended beyond my students. This led me to the questions, how do people talk about math? And, can I use data to explore topic trends? My expectation going into this project was that I was going to see a lot of hate for math. While that was in fact the case, I also uncovered a few topics that I was not expecting.

Data Collection and Preprocessing

I started by…

The second project in the Data Science bootcamp I am in, Metis, was to make a prediction on a topic of our choosing. The guidelines for the project were to scrape data from a website, and use it to make a prediction on a continuous target variable, using linear regression.

Ironically, choosing a topic was one of the most difficult parts for me. After being introduced to the project, I spent far too much time searching through different websites that seemed reasonable to scrape, looking for some interesting target I could predict. By the end of the second day, I…

Neda Saleem

I am passionate about leveraging data to develop insights on real world phenomena.

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